Heathrow to Brighton

Brighton is a port city near London and if you’re coming to visit, you may love it there, the view is majestic and the ocean is a beauty. It’s one of the most gorgeous places in England to date. Heathrow Airport is one of the most popular airports for flights by people that wish to go directly to Brighton. May you be a native or a visitor, no one is unfamiliar with the term jetlag, which is not the best feeling when you land and about to reach your destination, what sits between you and Brighton, however is what is most dreaded, the ride to the location. You can either take a shuttle or a bus, but they will leave you feeling even worse by the end of the flight. The best thing to take is a Private scheduled hire from Heathrow to Brighton. Flyway Carriages provides you with some of the best choices in travel from Airport to your Location.

Why Take a Car?

The most asked question by people is “Why take a car?” when they are suggested to take one from Heathrow to Brighton. Once they travel by any other means, they realize themselves, why. If you plan to take a Bus or a Shuttle from Heathrow there are things to consider. Firstly the Route, from Brighton to Heathrow it is extremely important that people remember what busses to take if they don’t wish to get lost. There are not many chances that you will be able to take one bus and get to your destination, not only that but the walk between different stations can be confusing as well, especially if you are highly jetlagged. The fastest route by Shuttle to Brighton is 1 hour and 45 minutes; these include the walking you will have to do between the three stations where you need to change the shuttle, instead on a car it takes only half an hour.

Comfort and Affordability.

People tend to choose Busses or Shuttle from Heathrow to Brighton because they think it’s a cost benefit but they lose something more important, which is the time spent in travel. The cost for value for the car, shuttle and bus, it will show you that if you wish to be fresh for your arrival in Brighton your best option is to hire a car from Heathrow to the town of Brighton, not only that but a car provides you with more personal space that you can utilize for things such as your luggage or just rest without the disturbance of the crowd that you find at local travel. One of the best Car hire companies is Flyway Carriages, we give you the best of the best fleet, not to mention out drivers are extremely professional and well trained, they maintain a polite outlook and a better manner of speaking, not to mention the pricing is extremely affordable. Your comfort is what our hiring company strives for, we do our best to please you.